Google Voice | A Tool To Dramatically Enhance Your Real Estate Business

Google Voice | A Tool To Dramatically Enhance Your Real Estate Business

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Ring Ring, Ring Ring – Do you hear that? That is the sound of change coming to the way Realtors interact with their clients.  If you haven’t heard, Google is about to launch a new service called simply Voice.

Google Voice will give you a new phone number that allows you to aggregate all your calls to one place.  The system allows you to pick a number in almost any area code in the United States.  As soon as your friends, family, and clients begin to use this number instead of your old number, the capabilities of this new line will match that of the highest end phone systems in offices today.

A few interesting features of the product:

  • Find Me – Your clients can dial one number and any phone you select can ring
  • Voicemail Transcription – All voicemails will be converted to text and emailed to you.  If you’re in the middle of an important meeting but can view your email, you’ll be able to read what the caller said.
  • Call From Your Cell – Blackberry and Google Android phones are already enabled and more are coming soon allowing you to access your Google Voice account from a program running on your phone.
  • Ability to Label Calls Spam – Any future time they call they will be sent to voicemail and the message will be marked spam in your Voicemail box
  • ListenIn – This feature allows you to screen calls by hearing what a caller is leaving a voicemail about.  If you feel the message is worth responding to immediately, you may at that point pick up the call in the middle of the message.
  • Call Record – Allows you to keep a recording of the conversation to remember for the future.  If a client calls and speaks to you about a home they are looking for and you can’t write the info down, just click one button and the whole conversation is there when you get back to the office (callers are notified that you are recording the call).
  • Custom Greetings – You can set your Google Voice number to answer with different messages based on if the caller is a client, family member, or friend
  • Switch Phones – With one button you can switch the call off your cell and onto your landline to reduce your cell minutes.
  • ClickToCall – Don’t want to dial that number in your contact list?  Just hit one button on your computer and the program will dial out to your phone and connect you automatically with the person you are trying to reach.
  • Text / SMS – Google Voice numbers are also SMS enabled.  This means your clients can send you text messages even if you don’t have a text plan from your provider.  The messages will be stored in your inbox as a message.  Alternatively you can have the SMS messages forwarded to any number of cell phones you choose.
  • Free US Calling – call out to any US number for free.
  • Low Cost International Calling – If you have international clients, you can now call them from your cell phone without exorbinant fees (See Here For Rates)

Ready for the best feature? It’s all free! You can learn more here or jJust sign up by going over to the Sign Up page.

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