Understanding the Statement of Information Form From Escrow

Understanding the Statement of Information Form From Escrow

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What is the Statement of Information?

Upon the opening of escrow, Buyers and Sellers receive their initial escrow package – the Statement of Information (also known as the Statement of Identity) is included in this package for completion and return to the escrow holder.

The statement of information is a one page document which requests the party’s name, date of birth, social security number, current and previous addresses etc.

Who requires the Statement of Information?

The Title Company of record requires this completed form to ensure successful and expedient transfer of title. This document assists in eliminating untimely delays in closing of real estate transactions.

How does the Statement of Information work?

The Statement of Identity establishes and confirms identity. Confirming identity will assist the Title Company to eliminate/resolve matters that affect real property such as child support liens, judgments, bankruptcies etc., filed against persons who have the same or similar names.

This is important as such liens and judgments are recorded against real property and against individuals on a daily basis.

Why Should Buyers/Sellers Complete the Statement of Information?

Consider these scenarios:

Scenario #1: Seller is Robert Smith. The title company runs a name check on Robert Smith. Title company finds recorded liens and judgments filed against a Robert Smith that must be paid.

How will title eliminate our Seller, Robert Smith against these potential liens? Title will compare social security numbers, previous address, etc. (as per Statement of Identity) to determine which Robert Smith is liable for payment of said liens/judgments.

As result, our Seller Robert Smith has been eliminated as the potential party owing thousands of dollars due to liens.

Scenario #2: Buyer/Borrower is John Williams. Once again, title runs a name check and discovers that a John Williams has defaulted on his child support payments. Upon further investigation it has been determined that YES this is our Buyer/Borrower. Now escrow has the heads up to advise their Buyer/Borrower to bring his account current and also escrow can then secure an updated statement that will be sufficient for title transfer.

In conclusion:

The title company requires that buyers/borrowers and sellers fill out the Statement of Information to be able to complete their fiduciary duty to return clear title for the real estate transaction. The documents the title company requires comes from the escrow company after it has been completed by the Buyer or Seller, so your Escrow Officer can discuss the Statement of Information with you. Each transaction is case specific. Your Escrow Officer can clarify the points that are needed to finalize the transaction.

If the Statement of Information requirements give you cause for discomfort, talk to your Escrow Officer about the specific needs of your escrow. Your Escrow Officer will be able to explain the Privacy Act Notice with which American Trust Escrow is in compliance.

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