Labels We Attach to Ourselves: A Few Thoughts from Our President, Jeff Russell

When working with coaching clients, I often hear people label themselves. “I am depressed.” “I am anxious.” Remember, words matter! And, in turn, we have to choose them wisely.   

When we reframe the “I am” statement to “I feel” statements, that really starts to change things. “I feel depressed.” “I feel anxious.” Shifting that one word creates a sense of ‘temporariness’ and doesn’t allow the feeling to define who we are.  

There is no such thing as a procrastinator. It doesn’t exist. Sure, we all procrastinate from time to time with certain things, but that occasional behavior by no means defines who we are.   

Here’s a quote that made me laugh and puts this into perspective: “We all poop from time to time. But you don’t refer to yourself as a pooper.”   

As you go through this week, try to be mindful of your internal dialogue and what you are sharing with others. If you find yourself labeling yourself, try the exercise I shared above and see how it changes your overall thought process.  

Life is good. – Jeff   

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