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Top Eight Personal Growth Tips #7 – Create Your Perfect Day: A Few Thoughts From Our President, Jeff Russell

Coming in at the number seven spot on my list for personal growth is having a morning routine. 

Once again this week, I am grateful for saving time. Here is an article I wrote about morning routines and their importance earlier this year. 

Today, I wanted to offer five, easy-to-implement tips to create your perfect day, starting with a morning routine. 

These tips can be altered to fit your unique lifestyle, time constraints, and/or objectives. So, use them as a foundation and feel free to expand or edit them. 

1. Create A Morning Ritual

You’ve probably heard people talk about morning rituals or morning routines. And, the truth is, every single one is different, and no one is right or wrong. 

I didn’t have a morning routine in my previous life. I’d wake up and be in the car, ready, and driving to work within 25 minutes of waking up. Today, my morning ritual is 90 minutes long, and on a perfect day, it’s two hours. 

So, what can you include in your morning ritual? Think about things like reading, exercising (even if it’s a quick walk around the block), listening to music while working on a hobby, journaling, or enjoying the perfect cup of coffee. 

2. Tap Into Spirituality 

Depending on your beliefs, this could be anything – praying, meditating, or just thinking about your perfect day. What would a perfect day look like for you? How would it feel, sound, look? Think about how you plan on dealing with challenges that might come your way. Consider how you can show gratitude and be the best version of yourself in the hours to come. 

3. Prepare For The Day Ahead 

Having the perfect day doesn’t just magically happen. Like with achieving the most awesome things, it takes work. So, prepare and plan for it. 

Before going to sleep, write (or even think about) some positive affirmations. Here are a few to get you started: I’m a badass who shows up for myself and others. I am worthy of happiness and love. I recognize my talents. Think about how you will feel when you wake up (energized, excited, eager, motivated) and things you want to accomplish/experience. The more specific you can get, the better the chance these things will manifest within you and become your self-fulfilling prophecy. 

4. Learn How To Say No 

As humans, we often aim to please others, even if it means jeopardizing our own well-being. But our time here on Earth and the energy it requires has limits, so we must be mindful of when we say yes and when we say no. 

Saying yes to things we don’t love can leave us feeling resentful. Taking on more than we can accomplish leaves us feeling disappointed. Obviously, we can’t just say no to everything we don’t want to do, but the trick is getting comfortable with politely saying no. 

5. Breathe 

Of course, we have to breathe to stay alive. When I say breathe, I am referring more to breathing techniques that are specifically focused on relieving stress and increasing energy levels. There are a ton of techniques based on what your body is going through and what it needs. Here’s a great list:

Life is good. – Jeff 

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