Dropbox as a Tool For Real Estate Agents

Dropbox as a Tool For Real Estate Agents

Technology Tools Real Estate AgentsHow often do you hear about people talking about new software or a phone app that made life so much easier? Probably a lot. Real estate agents are busy people, and any technology that can make their lives easier is welcomed. Unfortunately, sometimes those hip trendsetting tools end up wasting time. One great tool that is free, easy-to-use and can be taken anywhere is DropBox. Here are a few of the reasons this software can assist in your busy day-to-day life:

As stated by Inman News: “For those of you who don’t know what Dropbox is, imagine having a ‘hard drive in the sky’ that you can access from any device you own (Mac, PC, smartphone or tablet). So, if you have a closing file on a property stored on Dropbox, then you can access that file on any of your devices. Emailing that document to escrow or your client can be done directly from the Dropbox app on your phone.”

Video Tours

Do you have clients who are moving from out-of-state or frequently travel for business? Technology has made it incredibly simple to cater to home buyers who aren’t located within the same community. Video tours are a great way to virtually walk through a home with a client without them actually being there. And Dropbox makes it easy for you to share that video with clients.

Additionally, since all of your Dropbox items are stored in the cloud, you aren’t taking up room on your laptop, tablet or smartphone to store these videos. Video tours can be taken as soon as a home gets listed, and you can keep the videos in your Dropbox for any potential leads interested in the home.


Contracts, listing information, client information and more can all go into neatly organized folders in a Dropbox, and they can then be shared quickly and easily to any potential clients. Dropbox promises to keep documents safe and secure, and there is no threat of a computer crashing or loosing files. And if your computer is lost or stolen? Dropbox will still have all your valuable files and you can remotely remove the program from the lost device. Dropbox also features options to look at deleted and previous versions of documents.

Easily Sharable

Dropbox stores all your files in the cloud, so you can share anything with anyone who has a Dropbox. All of your files are saved in folders so you can easily find them when needed, and you can be on your phone or at your desk to do so. As real estate agents, you are often on-the-go, so having your laptop open and ready isn’t always feasible. This tool makes it easier to share and promote listings no matter where you are.

Technology can make your life easier as a real estate agent, and tools like Dropbox are simple and streamlined for on-the-go people.