When Dwellings Shrink in Size, Imagination Needs to Grow

When Dwellings Shrink in Size, Imagination Needs to Grow

A little imagination can go a long way in making smaller living spaces not just habitable but inspirational.

Lofts, studios, condominiums and cottage-style single-family homes are excellent options for today’s price-sensitive homebuyers.  Since they are traditionally smaller in square footage, challenges like lack of storage, limited functionality and privacy issues are common. Here are a few tips to help expand a homebuyer’s horizons:

  • Consider custom built-ins which provide storage and art niches while taking up very little room
  • Convert empty space like the hollow under the stairs into a powder bathroom or storage closet
  • Leverage space for live/work functionality by installing a hideaway Murphy bed
  • Purchase multi-functional furniture like sofa sectionals that can transform into a guest bed
  • Use Japanese screens that provide “instant rooms” and afford privacy

With a touch of creativity and a little elbow grease, small homes can become big surprises.

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