QR Codes in Real Estate Marketing

QR Codes in Real Estate Marketing

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qr-20101011051437Today, QR codes, or “Quick Response” codes, can be found in newspapers, magazines, brochures, billboards, even on the back of business cards. Think of them as “image hyperlinks” in the form of a bar code. Businesses and marketers use them today to take their consumer to a customized URL using their cell phone.

How does it work?

Any person with a smart phone can take a picture of the QR code (using any QR code reader software). After the photo is taken, the software will direct the user to a specific landing page associated with that particular code. These codes can be scanned from printed ads, signs, t-shirts, even computer screens. By scanning a QR code, smart phone users can access a wealth of more detailed information while on the go.

This technology is being used in many different markets, and is especially making its presence known in real estate marketing. Real Estate agents have incorporated QR codes on “For Sale” signs, large window ads, flyers, etc. The possibilities are endless. Once someone scans the code, the customized URL they are directed to could feature details of the home for sale, a view of the floor plan, colorful photos, a video of the inside, a map showing details of the location or additional properties around the area, etc. They could even be given a way to contact the listing agent immediately.

QR codes make it easy for prospects to get information on properties instantly and easily. Instead of remembering an advertised URL, it’s so much more convenient to simply take a photo on a cell phone and be redirected within seconds to the customized URL. There are many different QR code generator websites, such as www.qrstuff.com and www.interlinkone.com, and QR code reader software, such as I-Nigma, Optiscan, and QuickMark. Generate your free code today to begin using the latest strategies and trends in real estate marketing.