Give Your Real Estate Clients a Better Mobile Experience

With Smartphones becoming more and more popular, the number of people using home computers and laptops as their primary device is going down.  By following some simple tips, you can create a better mobile experience for you and your clients.

  • Short, sweet, to the point.  Long, windy paragraphs used to be in, but on a mobile device, they slow down your clients’ mobile experience.  Simplify your site, including eliminating Flash presentations.  Not only does Flash drag down downloads, but it isn’t compatible with many mobile devices.
  • Try another angle.  Google offers a simple but effective tool to evaluate a website’s mobile appearance at  There, you can check the size of buttons and your site’s searchability (to name a couple) to ensure a better mobile experience.
  • Safety first.  When you’re on the go, occasionally you may find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation.  “Real Alert” is an app with five crucial features, such as automatic 911 dialing, GPS positioning, and hospital locations.
  • Keep the receipt.  When you’re on the go, sometimes keeping track of receipts can become a fulltime job.  Instead of filling your wallet with paper receipts, try out the “Expensify” app.  By making use of your mobile device’s camera, you can digitally track your receipts and eliminate the paper.
  • Cover your tracks.  Keeping track of your mileage on your mobile device is easy with the “MileBug” app.  Whether you use one vehicle or several, MileBug allows you to export the records to your PC so tax time is a breeze.
  • Floorplans just like “MagicPlan.”  The “MagicPlan” app allows you to create an interactive floorplan with photos.  It makes measurements easy and publishing to the web a snap.
  • Open houses made easy.  With the “Open Home Pro” app, you have a great tool for signing in clients.  After they’ve entered their email address, they get an immediate “Thank you” email with your contact information and any other info you want.  If there’s a price reduction, the app has a tool to notify all attendees.

As you become more attune to the mobile experience of you and your clients, you’ll be amazed how you ever got along without them!

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