About Chris Fontes

Chris Fontes brings a wealth of experience – over three decades – to the team at American Trust Escrow.With a background in banking, she’s had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients in numerous types of transaction scenarios. Chris not only possesses experience in successfully managing traditional escrows, but also ones that have been more complex.


This includes escrow situations in which several properties (sometimes as many as 15) were located in different states and countries with numerous title companies involved. Not only has Chris successfully completed these types of complex deals, but enjoys them!


Chris has not only built her excellent reputation on this type of knowledge and experience, but also the personal connections she has made with clients over the years.


Her compassionate spirit is evident in taking into account that many clients do not understand escrow and are at a loss about what is required of them. As a result, she walks them through the process and escrow documentation, so it makes sense to them, ensuring all of their questions are answered and that they feel 100 percent comfortable with the process.


In addition, Chris is a native to the South Bay area, so she has a strong grasp on local market conditions and other local intricacies that contribute to her extensive knowledge base.


When Chris isn’t creating raving fans out of those she serves, she enjoys reading, yoga, gardening, camping, spending time at the beach, wine tasting in the countryside and spending time with her family.