Common Facebook Terminology



If you’re new to the world of Facebook, you’ll probably run into some unfamiliar terminology.  Facebook has only been around since 2004, but it’s already changed the way we communicate.  If you’re on Facebook, or know people who are, it’s important to have a general understanding of some of its most common key terms, as they are now often used in daily conversation.

Check out the terms below to learn the lingo!





News Feed – Also often referred to as your “Home page”.  Facebook defines it as “the center column of your home page – a constantly updated list of stories from people and Pages that you follow on Facebook”.   These stories consist of status updates, photos, videos, links, and poll questions from you and your friends.  Each person’s News Feed is unique and customized to them, depending on their connections.  There are two ways to view your News Feed: “Top News” or “Most Recent”.

Profile – Your profile represents you and cannot be used for commercial gain, as stated in the Facebook Terms of Service.  This is where you can enter in as many personal details as you’d like.  Within your Profile, there are different sections, or Tabs, you may fill out.  All of this information is voluntary, however Facebook requires you to fill out your first and last name as well as your birth date (though the visibility can be removed).

Wall – The Wall is a Tab found on your Profile and is also found on Pages.  The Wall is a public area where you post and share content with your friends.  Your friends can also post and share content on your Wall.  Posting and writing on the Wall is one of the most common forms of communication within Facebook.   To control whether or not specific people have the option to view your Wall, you can change your privacy settings.

Page – Pages allow businesses, public figures, organizations and other entities to have a public presence on Facebook.  Pages are visible to everyone, and anyone on Facebook can connect with a Page by clicking the “Like” button.  By clicking “Like”, you will then receive updates from the Page in your News Feed.  You can interact with a Page just like interacting with a friend’s Profile.

Like – You can “Like” a lot of things on Facebook!  By clicking “Like”, you are giving a virtual “thumbs up” to things you like or care about on Facebook.  Clicking “Like” connects you to the content, and you will be notified of future activity/engagement with the pieces of content you “Like”.

Status – Facebook asks a simple question at the top of your News Feed/Profile: What’s on your mind?  In 420 characters or less, you can communicate with your Friends about your feelings or what you’ve been up to.  When sharing a status, it will appear on your Profile and also in yours and your Friend’s News Feeds.  Friends are given the opportunity to comment on your status, which may then turn into a conversation.